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THE WHITE HOUSE – Office of the Press Secretary

Barack-Obama-sits-alongsi-001President Obama and President Medvedev agreed to meet in Prague, the Czech Republic, on Thursday, April 8, to sign the Treaty between the United States of America and the Russian Federation on Measures to Further Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms (the “New START Treaty”).

This landmark agreement advances the security of both nations, and reaffirms American and Russian leadership on behalf of nuclear security and global non-proliferation. This was the 14th direct meeting or phone call between the Presidents addressing New START, and represents their shared commitment to “reset” U.S.-Russia relations so that we cooperate substantively and effectively on issues of mutual interest along many dimensions.

pro14073This year, Easter Monday falls on April 5. This day is traditionally a public holiday in Czech Republic since there are many things one has to do on this day!

Everything starts the day before – on Sunday. Czech girls decorate Easter eggs to give them to boys on Easter Monday. Easter eggs are painted hard-boiled eggs and then hand decorated. Boys make a special handmade whip, in Czech called pomlazka, and decorate it with colored ribbons at the end. This whip consists of eight, twelve, or even twenty-four willow twigs, depending on the skills of the boy. Surprisingly enough, the more twigs, the more difficult it is to braid the whip. They are usually from half a meter to two meters long!

On Easter Monday it gets more interesting. In the morning, boys walk from door to door to spank the girls on the legs with their whip. It is to say, that the whipping is rather symbolic. The symbolism is easily traced from the Czech name of the Easter whip – pomlazka, which comes from the world “make younger” in English.

So come to Prague after a long-lasting winter to feel the power of first strong sunlight and see the spring in Prague.

The Easter Package includes:

  • Luxury accommodation in one of the Aria´s enchanting music-themed rooms
  • Courtesy limousine roundtrip service from/to the airport
  • Special Easter amenity in your room upon arrival
  • Full A´la Carte breakfast
  • Easter menu for 2 persons at CODA Restaurant (excl. beverages)
  • Brunch on Easter Monday (excl. beverages)

The individual price of the Easter package is € 302.



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written by Sandra Ramani


tripadvisor GW

TripAdvisor recently announced its 2010 Travelers’ Choice Awards, which it bills as “the only honors awarded by the world’s largest travel community, based on the trusted opinions of millions of real travelers.”

Our sister hotel Golden Well Hotel was chosen as a BEST LUXURY HOTEL and BEST SERVICE in the World.

 The ARIA Hotel received the 7th place at Top 10 Luxury Hotels in the World.

Check out their Travelers’ Choice 2010 list (voted on by users)

mozart-01W. A. Mozart and Prague – those are two words that just belong together. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart visited Prague three times in his short life, and it was in Prague where Mozart and his music found inspirational acceptance, friendship and admiration.

Of the thousands of musicians only few reach such fame as Mozart. He showed musical gift at a very early age, composing when he was only five! His music is played for centuries around the world. Even those who are not classical music lovers know who W. A. Mozart was.

When you are in Prague, you have a great opportunity to get acquainted with the places that are connected with Mozart’s life and work. Among other places such as the Estates Theatre or Lichtenstein Palace, villa Bertramka is special.

During his stays in Prague Mozart spent a lot of time at the villa Bertramka. This house from the turn of the 17th century used to be a summer house of the outstanding Czech singer Josepha Duschek and her husband, piano player, teacher and composer Franz Xaver Duschek. The Duscheks are credited with inviting Mozart to Prague. Duscheks and Mozart were close friends.

Here Mozart found a second home. In the idyllic environment of Bertramka he finished his masterpiece Don Giovanni just before its memorable Prague premiere on October 29, 1787.

Today, the house serves as the W. A. Mozart’s museum. The villa has kept the atmosphere of the times when the brilliant composer lived and worked there. It is definitely worth seeing. The exhibition shows all memorabilities of Mozart and the Duscheks, such as personal belongings, letters, pictures, musical instruments, above all the piano, which Mozart played in 1787, and others. It is like going back in time!