Prague is a beautiful city with an amazing amount of attractions, activities, and inspiring things to see and do. With some of the most incredible architecture on offer in Europe and views that wouldn’t look out of place on a postcard at every turn, there is no better place to visit if you’re looking for an inspiring cultural break. Prague also has a fascinating musical heritage which is celebrated at the musical themed Aria hotel. There’s no better place to stay in the city if you have a passion for music. Thinking of travelling to Prague for your next vacation? Here are just some of the top musical attractions you should incorporate into your trip:

See the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra

The Aria Hotel is ideally situated for guests to fully embrace the musical spirit of Prague, and if it’s music that draws you to Prague then you must make sure you take the time to see the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. Since 1896 the Czech Philharmonic have been wowing European audiences with their musical prowess, and with several shows a week throughout the winter months, it should be easy to coordinate your trip to Prague with concert of your choice. If possible book your tickets before you arrive, to ensure any disappointment at not being able to see the show you wanted or expected. It is worth noting that they tend to perform in Prague less during the summer months, when they are either touring Europe or enjoying a well-deserved break in their busy schedule. If you are travelling to Prague during the summer though, there’s no need to be disappointed. Other wonderful musical attractions in the city include the Smetana Museum, which is located on the banks of the Vltava, and a museum dedicated to composer Antonin Dvorak at Villa Amerika. The Smetana Museum is a museum dedicated to the life and works of famous Czech composer Bedřich Smetana housed in the former Old Town waterworks: those without musical tendencies may find the museum worth visiting for the architecture alone.

Visit the Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square

The striking of the Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square is a sight to behold and one of the must-see attractions in Prague. The clock was originally constructed in 1490 and it performs a show about medieval morality. Each hour, on the hour, wooden saints emerge from trap doors, within the clock whilst below then a lesson is being enacted by figures representing Greed, Vanity, Death and the Turk. The most fascinating thing about the Astronomical Clock though is its face, which features an array of complicated zodiac figures that are impossible to decipher. Legend has it that there are some occult mysteries woven into the zodiac code on the face of the clock. The clock strikes throughout the day from 8am to 8pm and can get pretty crowded, particularly during peak season. It’s worth ensuring that you’ve arranged your travel insurance and are taking particular care of your belongings whilst visiting the clock, as unfortunately pickpockets often work in the area taking advantage of distracted tourists looking up at the clock, however this doesn’t happen often enough to put you off checking it out. And the musical interest in this incredible attraction? Each day the clock is accompanied by a solo trumpeter who plays a fanfare to accompany the movement and striking of the clock.  

Enjoy a Mozart Dinner

During the late 18th century the people of Prague had a particular affinity for the work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and even today, more than 200 years since his death that is a passion that prevails. Why not enjoy a Mozart Dinner at the Grand Hotel Bohemia and experience the splendor of Mozart in the heart of Prague with truly stunning surroundings. The dinner is hosted in a historically protected hall in the center of Prague, and the opera singers are of world class standard. What’s more, you’ll get to enjoy traditional Czech Austrian cuisine as you watch the show. It really is a spectacle not to be missed.

During peak vacation season, Prague is an incredibly popular destination, with tourists hustling and bustling to see the sights at every turn. And yet despite this, Prague always feels like a surprisingly small and intimate city with real soul. Prague really is one of Europe’s finest cities with plenty to see and do. Why not book your next holiday to the Aria Hotel, and to Prague, and find out for yourself? 

*Contributor, Susie Winnard*