Prague in mid-August passes pride parade comprised of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender representatives and their supporters, which will culminate in the second Prague Pride.

Prague Pride 2012 will consist of a

7 day festival that offers a wide variety of cultural events and parties, that will culminate on Saturday, the 18th of August, in the downtown parade. The parade and subsequent concert on the Strelecky Island will be completely free to attend for all.

Two years ago Prague was the final EU capital to organize a pride event. The first year Prague Pride in 2011 success confirmed Prague’s reputation as the most liberal city of the former Eastern bloc.

The festival was attended by 25,000 people. Clearly the most visible and most visited events were Saturday’s downtown parade, attended by 8.000 people, followed by a concert on an island with more than 10.000 visitors.

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