Private cinema

Private cinema at Aria Hotel in Prague
Private cinema at Aria Hotel in Prague

Guests at the Aria Hotel Prague are welcome to gather for an evening of movies and music in the Screening Room. Set up as a hotel cinema, this space can easily seat up to 12 people in its big, comfortable chairs.

Another option is the cozy Music Box entertainment room, which holds up to 6 people. This intimate salon has comfortable sofa seating, an LCD screen, surround-sound audio, DVD and Blu-Ray compatibility and the option of an Xbox One. This room comes in handy during dinner, when parents would like to enjoy their evening - their kids can enjoy a movie in the Music Box located just next to our restaurant.

Snacks and drinks to enjoy in the Screening Room and Music Box are easily ordered from the restaurant. 


  • 80''/203cm LCD TV
  • Acoustic Research Loudspeaker System 5.1
  • DVD and Blu-Ray